Vaadum Nilavu

Lyrics by BV Ramanan
Vocals by Saindhavi & Bawani Logeswaran

Vaaniley velli nila vaadudhey
Vaattathil pirayaai theyudhey 

A full moon is withering in the sky
In the melancholy it is waning into oblivion

Nilavai mattum thavikavittu megam engo veru disai selgayiley
O megamey thunai enru nambi ennai izandheyn

Vaaniley velli nila vaadudhey

When the companion cloud is moving away leaving the moon in solitude
O cloud this moon trusted you and gave her very life for you

Iravukku oru uravaa un-ilamaikku virundhunavaa
Unarvu enum oonjaliley kaadhal kavidhai ezudhiya pulavan vidhiyaa
Undhan sadhiyaa – sol uirey

Is the relationship you developed with me is just for the nocturnal instincts to serve the delicacies of youth?
Who is the one who wrote the sonnet of love between us? - Fate or your conspiracy?-tell me my soul mate

Manniley oru malarum veezndhadhey
Vaasathai enro tholaithadhey

A flower has fallen withering on the sands
Having lost its fragrance

Mangai ennai theendivittu vandu engo vaasam thedi selgaieley
O thenraley thunai enru nambi unnai azaitheyn

When the honeybee is going in search of some other flower
O breeze come be with me in this hour of crisis

Mohathil muzugivittaai mugavari marandhuvittai
Thuyaram enum kadaliniley manaiaval manadhu anudhinam azuvadhum muraiya
Udan varuvaai- en uirey

You have drowned intoxicated in lust and lost my address
Is it right on your part to leave your wife in distress?
Come back –my soul mate

Tholiley un uirai sumakinreyn
Avan swaasathil unnai naan kaanginreyn
Thandhai enum kadanaivittu en-mannan engo kaamadesam senruvida
Thaaimai kolamey penmai enra unmai uraithuvitten

I am carrying a life on my shoulders in the form of a child-
Seeing you in his breadth
His father (you) have left somewhere to the kingdom of lust leaving the paternal responsibility
In this juncture, I proclaim and advise that womanhood is pure motherhood