1 What kind of music does Dr MOTS Production produce?
Our music is often fused between different genres. Our primary influence is South Indian music where the songs are often tailored for movies. As such, it is common to find 2 or more genres of music fused together. However, we do not try to imitate the South Indian music scene entirely, instead we simply let the music create itself according to the people involved in the making.
 2 I am used to listening to Indian music, why do your songs sound repetitive?
For the album Reenggaram, A Composer’s Journey, one of our focus was to utilize chords structures. In most Indian music, the melody drives the song and there may not be obvious chord structure, so the melody can be unpredictable and interesting. In our music where there are strong chord structures, the melody and harmonies (chords) drive the music together. So for those that are used to listening Indian music, the songs may sound monotonous, for those that are used to listening modern Western music, Indian music without chords may sound ‘unstructured’.
 3 Why there are many famous Indian film playback singers involved?
They were available during production times and they happened to like the songs that we had.
 4 What are the skills expected from singers?

  • Basic music knowledge – the ability to recognize and sing the notes exactly from a given melody either by ear or notations, often from a instrument such as violin or piano. We hate auto tuning.
  • Creativity – we expect the singers to come up with as many variations as possible for every segment of the song including dynamics, modulations and creative fills. In Tamil, this is termed as ‘sankethi’.
  • Professionalism and the right attitude – Punctuality, determination and manners.
 5 Will there be any audition?
We will only entertain auditions for those with basic music knowledge as in (4). We are extremely sorry but we do not have the resources to train new talents for the time being.
 6 How do I show my support?
Thank you very much. Support is more than just money. Apart from buying & downloading original music, please show your support by getting more airplay for the songs on radios, television channels and other media that you come across. Social media popularity (Facebook/YouTube likes, shares, tweets etc) do help us to gain better exposure. We hate to solicit support for music that you do not like, so if there are any songs that you do not like, it is ok if no support is given, we will take that as a hint to further improve.
 7 What is next after The Bridge Atha Vathu Paalam?
This depends on how quickly we gather back our resources mainly in financial terms. Every part of music making requires finance and this is what determines future developments. We welcome financial support and this can serve as promotion for the financiers as our music is available globally mainly via the web.
 8 How and where the recordings are done?
Recordings are done in studios in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Chennai (India) and Pondicherry (India). Once we establish a good working relationship, the works are transferred to and fro online. However, for most vocal recordings, the composer(s) and producer(s) should be preferably present.
 9 Do songs in various MP3 qualities and audio CDs differ?
Certainly. Music on MP3s will generally sound flat and lacks details. The best quality audio will be on audio CDs.
 10 Will there be any music videos?
This depends on the finances available. As we work with mostly Tamil playback singers, videos are usually made for movies and in our situation where it is album based, the music video concept may be different as it is likely the singers will not be featured. We would love to hear any ideas that you may have on producing music videos for our songs.