The following artists have been involved in our projects. Further details are available in Music section.

(Order according to the date of first recording)

India Malaysia
Tippu (Vocals)
Unni Menon (Vocals)
Unni Krishnan (Vocals)
Aalap Raju (Vocals)
Prema (Vocals)
Suchitra (Vocals)
Saindhavi (Vocals)
Ramya NSK (Vocals)
Mathangi (Vocals)
Megha (Vocals)

Sudharsan (Lyricist)
B.V Ramanan (Lyricist)
Varsha (Lyricist)
Malini Gowrishankar (Lyricist)

Eliezer EnanĀ (Bassist, guitarist)
Bawani Logeswaran (Vocals)
K-Two (Rap)