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Reenggaram is now available in online music stores!

Listen & download all 10 songs by top Indian singers. Here are the links:

CDBaby (Preferred)
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Album Version Of Kannil Thondrum With English & Tamil Lyrics

After a couple of weeks waiting, all 1o songs have been perfectly mixed and mastered. Here is how Kannil Thondrum sounds now, perfect as it can get…

Lyrics on YouTube:

On SoundCloud:

The album should be available in all online stores anytime soon!

Why songs need mixing & mastering by a professional?

Many are asking why there is such a big need for proper mixing/mastering. Record labels spend thousands on these processes alone and this should highlight their importance in making the songs sound polished. Many of your favorite songs may not sound as good without good mixing/mastering that went along with the production. Here are some of the reasons/aims:


  • Bring out every bit of the vocals and instruments to make them sound as good as they can get in the song.
  • To position every instrument/sound in the most ideal position (left/right, far/near etc) in relation to the vocals.
  • To ensure no clashing/crowding of instruments/sounds in any particular frequency.
  • To even out the sounds of every instrument and vocals so they sound consistent and well suited to the song.
  • To ensure the volume/level of each instrument/sound suits the song.


  • To ensure the songs’ loudness is consistent and sufficient for proper play on various media, CD, mp3, radio, earphones, HIFI etc.
  • To polish the overall sound of the songs so that they sound adequately balanced, bright and warm.
  • To ensure the songs’ high quality to be reproduced on various media.

Most people will be able to tell the overall difference between well mixed/mastered songs and those poorly mixed/mastered, although many may not be able to specify the details. Usually, the mixing/mastering process is done by a audio engineer with the guidance of the producer to achieve the desired sounds. As the composer is usually very ‘close’ to the song, there may not be objectivity in regards of the audio balance as the composer would have heard the same sound over and over again, making him/her too used to the original sound that may not be in the best form. So a new person who have not heard the song too many times, will have ‘fresh’ ears to tweak the necessary. In addition, the composer will be free to do what he/she does best, composing!